Years 5 and 6

KS2 includes the most important years in primary school, SATs can set the standard for your child’s next 5 years of learning. In fact, 1 in 4 children leaves primary school unable to read or write at the national average, reducing their chances of succeeding in their GCSE’s and A-levels.

This is the time where pupils will begin to fall behind or excel in their core subjects. In a class of 30, it is incredibly hard for pupils to receive the 1-1 attention that can help them to unlock their abilities and raise academic attainment.

About the programme

The At Home Tutoring Programme our delivers award-winning, SATs focused tutoring, to a pair of young learners from one pupils home. The pair meet with their private tutor weekly for 1 hour, inclusive of Summer Holidays and half-terms, to receive valuable 1-2 attention in either English or Maths.

This programme is designed to support pupils who are struggling with a topic and help them achieve their goals in a fun and stress-free environment. Every Tutors United lesson has been carefully planned and curated to maximise the time pupils spend with their tutor and achieve lasting results. As well as providing excellent support, our tutors are trained to challenge and stretch the brightest pupils, encouraging them to push themselves and surpass their own expectations.

Working in pairs

The AHT programme requires parents to pair up with another pupils in the same school year to work together in their tutoring lessons. Our paired approach helps pupils work both independently and as a team, supporting each other in their learning. You can apply for this programme with a partner in mind, or let us help you find one in your area.

Working from the home

All lessons on this programme take place from the home of one of the pupils, this location can be changed throughout the year based on parent availability but must be pre-agreed. Delivering this programme from the home not only makes tutoring convenient for parents, but also bridges the gap between school and home – an approach that is proven to raise pupil attainment.

Programme Costs
Per Pupil, Per Month

This Includes:

  • 1 Hour of tuition a weekFLASH
  • Weekly feedback reports
  • All resources included
  • Excellent highly trained tutors
  • Dedicated Programme Officer
  • Easy Direct Debit payments
  • NO Contract – leave any time with 30 days notice
  • up to 48 Hours of tutoring per year

How to apply

When registering you will need to find a learning partner in the same school Year (5/6) for your child to work with during lessons. Working with a partner will help both pupils to develop their skills and communication as they support each other’s learning.

So we can ensure that our services reach the pupils and families who need it most, applicants should meet 2 or more of the following criteria:

– Eligible for free school meals

– 1st or 2nd generation migrant

– Eligible for housing benefit, council tax support or working tax credit

– Household income under £30,000 a year

– BME pupils

Please note – if you meet our criteria then your learning partner is guaranteed a place too! Places are limited, so it is best to apply as soon as possible.

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