The only thing more important than doing what we do, is doing it well. That’s why we are really proud to share the results we have achieved since we got started.

The 2016 academic year got off to a great start, take a look at the first term results below!

September - December 16

Pupils Progress & Parent Feedback 2015 – 2016

88% of parents surveyed noticed improvement in academic results, confidence, aspirations and/or behaviour after Tutors United lessons.

“I appreciate the time you’re giving my son, now he always looks forward to Mondays.” – TU Parent

An average 1.2 sub-levels progress in writing after just 5 weeks tuition.

“Her school has commented on confidence in Maths and how much quicker she is at answering questions.” – TU Parent

Tutor Progress & Feedback 2015 – 2016

“Tutors United are always signposting opportunities for us, in every sense it makes us feel like you’re interested in us and our futures. Big plus.” – TU Tutor, Sonia

Last year, 86% of our graduating tutors found a job in their career of choice within just 1 month of leaving our programme.

“My experience with Tutors United accelerated my development the experience I gained was priceless and invaluable in helping me to become a teacher.” – TU Tutor, Eva

100% of our tutors say that they enjoy the role and find it rewarding!